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About the Dinosaur[]

Perhaps the largest theropod of the Late Jurassic period, Allosaurus was truly the leopard of its era. It was a bipedal hunter, armed with strong jaws, powerful claws and sharp teeth. It was probably a pack-hunter, attacking very large prey like Diplodocus in groups of four or five.

Unlike some later Cretaceous theropods, though, Allosaurus's jaws were not meant to crush bone; instead this killer would eat the softer, fleshier parts of meat in the body. This means that after it finished eating, there would still be plenty of meat left on the carcass, providing a tasty meal for pterosaurs and smaller predators.

Allosaurus was thought to have belonged to the same family that includes Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus, but now scientists classify it as being part of the Allosauridae - a group that includes other killers such as Saurophaganax and Antrodemus.

Media Appearences[]

Allosaurus was the main villian in the famous novel The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and therefore it appeared in all the adaptations including the classic 1925 version. Thus, Allosaurus became a legendary kaiju character and also appeared in other dinosaur movies including The Animal World (1956) and The Valley Of Gwangi (1969). Aside from this, this iconic dinosaur showed up in Discovery's When Dinosaurs Roamed series, BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs series and the special BBC documentary The Ballad Of Big Al (2001), which focused on the life of one particular Allosaurus nicknamed "Big Al". These numerous TV shows, films and novels have all made sure that this carnivore is confined to true classic status. The Allosaurus also appeared in the 1933 King Kong movie, where the dinosaur was modeled after Charles R. Knight's depiction of a Tyrannosaurus. However, it possesses three fingers per hand, unlike Tyrannosaurus which had only two (however, the number of fingers in Tyrannosaurus was disputed at the time, as a complete manus was uncovered until the mid-1990s).