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Arachno-Claw or Arachnocidis
Claws, Pinchers
Giant arachnid-like creatures
Skull Island
First Appearance:
King Kong (2005 film)
Became extinct when Skull Island sunk into the ocean

Arachno-claws are large 4-6 feet long predatory, spider-like arthropods that dwell at the bottom of the abyssal chasms, where light barely penetrates. Scavengers, they tend to lurk on the edges of the chasms, feeding on carrion. While they aren't above adding fresh meat to their diet, they also aren't aggressive about getting it either. They measure 4-6 feet long.


Arachno claw2.jpg

Arachno-claws are oversized arthropods from the 2005 movie King Kong. They live in the caves branching off from chasm walls. There they remain until their antennae sense that something has fallen into their domain. They have six legs that are used to walk, with two crab-like claws under their mouths, which are used to rip prey into easily digestible pieces.

They have a very strange life cycle that begins when the parents lay microscopic eggs in rotting carrion. Most are either killed by other scavengers or drowned in the muddy water that collects in the bottom of the pit. Lucky Arachno-claw will survive long enough to be ingested by mature Carnictis, where they live their first few years in the creature's gut as parasites. When they are old enough to leave they either emerge from their host's anus or eat their 'home' inside out. Once free they scuttle off to join their insect counterparts in the abyss.

These huge insects are carrion-eaters from the deep abyssal pits, every animal that falls, dead or alive, will be eaten by the arachno-claws and the other horrible creatures from the deep. Their hunting tactics are the ambush. They look like a giant trapdoor spider, with six legs and powerful claws.

In the original movie, those sailors that have survived the fall from the log, all of them were eaten by an arachno-claw, a giant worm with tentacles, a colossal lizard and a monstrous crab, in the 2005 remake, Carl, Jack, Jimmy and the other sailors were attacked by several Arachno-claws, but were saved by Bruce Baxter and the remaining sailors.

Role in the film[]

When Jack, Jimmy and Carl kill all of the Insectoid creatures (including the Weta- Rexes), they encounter a huge group of Arachno-Claws and Abyscidis however, the three were rescued by Captain Engelhorn and the other sailors. Arachno-Claws were ultimately killed when Bruce Baxter hung and swung on a rope firing Thompson machine gun ammo, killing the nightmarish creatures and causing them to squash other scavengers below. When they were fighting over Venture Crewman 3's body they accidently toss it to a large Deplector or Abyscidis, who jumps up and claims it.

Known Victims[]


Arachno-Claw toy produced by Playmates.

Model display for Skull Island: Reign of Kong.