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Bear-Croc (Ursusuchus bombus) is a green, omnivorous neosuchian from the uplands of Skull Island. It measures 15-20 feet long.


Not a true crocodile, the bear-croc is a thick-tailed, omnivorous, non-crocodilian neosuchian with a belch to wake the dead. Among the noisiest animals on the island, the bear-croc lays claim to patches of slope-hugging vegetation by bellowing roars that are enhanced by reverberating chambers in its gut, lying alongside its specialized windpipe. The “belches” can be heard miles away, minimizing competition between individuals. Their thick tails store fatty deposits to tide them through lean months.


  • The bear-croc's ability to store fat in its tail could be based on the gila-monster lizard (this is also shared with Tartarusaurus).