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Briggs's dead body.


Briggs was a sailor on the SS Venture, shown briefly in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. He journeyed to Skull Island with Carl Denham, but was killed by falling rocks before they got there.

Briggs in the Xbox 360 and PC Version (Gamer's Edition)

When Bruce Baxter's body appears later in the game, it looks identical to him. His body is seen in a later level ('The Canyon') next to a broken case containing a sniper rifle, after presumably been killed by young Terapusmordax. A similar body also appears later on in the level 'To Save Ann', with several spears protruding - the individual in question having clearly been killed by the natives. However, both bodies wear no hat. On the Xbox 360 version and PC version (Gamer's Edition), he looks very different from the PS2, Gamecube and original Xbox versions, he wears a white shirt, he has a beard and a different brown hat.

Baxter can be seen on the third boat in The Venture his model is similar to Briggs

Baxter can be seen in the V-rex chapter his model is identical to him.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Briggs had a non-speaking role in the video game based on the King Kong (2005 film). It is possible, that being the first to die on the expedition in the game, Briggs may have been the replacement for Mike.
  • Briggs was based on the second mate of the Venture in the 1933 movie.
  • There was a soldier in Kong: Skull Island named Briggs who went with the group to skull island and was on the chopper Packard was on. After Kong downed their chopper, Packard tried to help Briggs get out, but before he could reach him, Kong grabbed the chopper and threw it with Briggs still inside it. After Kong threw it, Briggs fell out of his seat and fell to his death.