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Call Kong is the twenty-seventh level of the King Kong game.


Jack will start with one sniper rifle round as Jack follows Ann, Hayes, and Jimmy to the plane and Jack will find Englehorn and a river for the plane to land. It will seem like your safe until a V-Rex rams through a wall, cutting the quartet off from the seaplane as it is forced to take off. Head up the path to the left and attempt to stall the V-Rex with Jack's weapons as Jack reaches a set of ancient ruins with ten sniper rifle rounds. The quartet will be trapped as Ann thinks of an idea to stop the V-Rex: call for Kong. Ann will attempt to climb the pillar in front of Jack until the V-Rex flanks them and tries to eat them. Jack follows Hayes into a ruin with Ann and Jimmy as they all hide from the V-Rex. It will ram at the structure as Jack waits. Ann will try to call Kong again while Jack covers her. There will be bats in the sky: shooting them will distract the V-Rex as it eats their corpses, but it will then focus on Ann, so be prepared. Ann will light the urns as Kong appears and intimidates the V-Rex as Hayes shoots at Kong with a thompson until the V-Rex steps on him, injuring him as it attacks Kong and Ann.



  • Hayes starts with a sniper rifle when going to Englehorn, but he will have a thompson when he attempts to free Ann. This is a reference to the level Chased by V-Rex where he shoots Kong with a thompson, but in this level there is nothing to suggest he found one.
  • there is a glitch in this level where the V-rex's tail is stuck and he won't move (however, this only happens on Gamecube version).
  • This is the last level where Jack has more than one available ally.

    Peter Jackson's King Kong - V-rex's stuck tail glitch