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The Carrion Parrots, Caropsitticus sp., are a group of carnivorous, baldheaded, scavenging, vulture-like true parrots from the lowland plains of Skull Island. A close relative of theirs is the martial parrot.

Most colorful among the carrion-eaters of Skull Island are the many and varied carrion parrots. Half a dozen species coexist on the island.

Exploiting a ready food source, many of Skull Island’s parrots are fulltime carrion-eaters. Strong beaks and naturally inquisitive natures make the partially featherless, raucous carrion parrots the perfect candidates for the job. Their ancestors probably arrived on the island only a few million years ago - their adaptation and diversification having occurred quickly in evolutionary timescales.

Example species[]

  • Green Carrion Parrot, Caropsitticus verdens (3-4 foot wingspan)
  • Red Carrion Parrot, Caropsitticus rufus (26-30 inch wingspan)
  • Great Carrion Parrot, Caropsitticus maximus (4-5 foot wingspan)
  • Fiery Carrion Parrot, Caropsitticus calidus. Fiery carrion parrots possess hard, sharp beaks for rending flesh from carcasses and snapping small bones. The most brightly colored carrion parrot species, their red eye rings are a sign of sexual maturity.