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The Carver, Carocarptor interfector, is a large, powerful eutherapsid from the jungles of Skull Island. It measures 25-33 feet long.


Heavily built therapsid carnivores that prowl the jungle floor and lower boughs, Carvers are limber hunters with a dexterity to match their great strength. They mate for life, forming strong pair bonds and hunting together silently.

Although days and nights differ little in the deepest recesses of the jungle, where sunlight rarely penetrates, Carvers are mostly nocturnal predators. Their eyesight is keen and their hearing and sense of smell even keener, but their real edge in hunting is a specialized heat-sensing organ located on the snout. Analogous in function to the pit organ of many snake species, this remarkable adaptation exposes concealed prey by their thermal signature.

Preying on almost anything that crosses their path as they prowl the dark, the powerful jaws of Carvers can inflict savage wounds. They can even bring down prey animals as large as a juvenile Diablosaurus or an Asperdorsus.

Carvers are protective of their kills, often dragging them several miles through the jungle to a defendable position before dining. A pair of Carvers can spend several days consuming a carcass, dozing and eating at a leisurely pace, until there is nothing left. Everything is eaten. Their powerful jaws can crush bone, leaving little for any scavengers waiting patiently for the scraps.

Prey Species[]

Most small to midsized herbivorous inhabitants of the jungle are potential Carver prey, but they commonly take young tree-tops. The agile ceratopsians are faster through the dense jungle, so the almost felid-like Carvers take advantage of overhanging boughs or fallen trees to approach hidden from above, remaining concealed until within pouncing range.

Also a common prey for Carvers is the 9-foot-long Pugiodorsus. Alertness is their greatest defense, necessitating great stealth on the part of Carvers, even at night. Their bladed shoulder spikes, backward facing to protect them from pursuing predators, forces Carvers to take care when making killing bites. A wise hunter makes sure to bite low, aiming for the stomach or neck.

Hebeosaurus is slow-moving and myopic, but surprisingly difficult to quickly kill. A thick neck and reinforced throat pipe make delivering a fatal bite harder than for most similar-sized prey. Generally the 18-foot-long herbivores are brought down by pairs of Carvers acting together to subdue and maim. Hebeosaurus intend to die messily and slowly at the hands of a predator.