Choy talking to Jack on the Venture.

Name Choy
Status Deceased
Profession Skipper

Choy is an Asian sailor who worked as a cage/item storer at the SS Venture.


He is best friends with Lumpy, and seems to accompany him everywhere. He also shows Jack Driscoll to his accommodation in the storage area of the The Venture (where Captain Englehorn normally keeps captured animals). He brags to Jack that Englehorn can make a lot of money from capturing exotic creatures such as the "white rhino" and so on, before being halted by the appearance of Englehorn himself, who puts a temporary halt to Choy's seemingly talkative nature.

He seems to look up to Lumpy for guidance, and as an authority figure. This is shown by the fact that Englehorn criticizes him for not putting away the chloroform properly, and he justifies it with "Lumpy said-" before having to be reminded that Lumpy isn't in charge of the ship, thus showing that he values Lumpy's word and instructions over what Englehorn (the legitimate figure of authority) says. His dependency on Lumpy is reinforced by the extended edition of the swamp scene. A huge fish emerges, capsizing the raft that Choy and fellow sailors are on. Choy resurfaces, looking panicked, and Lumpy automatically shouts to him: "Choy! Swim you dosy bugger!" He fails to do so, and Lumpy is forced to jump into the water and rescue him, showing their close bond. 

He eventually dies in the Log scene. Kong Kills Hayes and Jack gives the order to shoot and kill Kong. All the sailors open fire but Kong is merely irritated by their bullets, grabbing the log they stand on and shaking it, causing the crew to fall into the deep cavern below. Choy loses his footing and calls to Lumpy for help, clinging to the side of the log. Lumpy tries to save Choy but Choy falls to his death in the chasm below.

Later, Lumpy can be seen sadly lying next to his friend's body. He still clearly feels a deep sense of loyalty to Choy and is saddened by his death, to the extent that when the Carnictis' attack and attempt to eat Choy's body, he becomes enraged. He begins punching and kicking them with his bare hands to keep them off, before attacking them with a machete and killing several. He could have retreated closer to the others for protection, but did not do so, instead choosing to defend Choy's body and being eventually overwhelmed and killed by the vile beasts as a result. He had sacrificed himself to save his friends.

Behind the scenesEdit


Choy singing Mhairi's Wedding in the dance (which most of the scene was deleted in the movie).

  • Choy was portrayed by Lobo Chan in the 2005 Peter Jackson version of the movie.
  • In the video game, he looks very different. He has ropes on upper shoulder,grey cloth,black jacket,blue jeans and blue hat on PC, PS2 and XBOX 360 versions. His first appearance seems to be same on The Venture chapter, when looking you can see crossing sailor(The first sailor seems to be in the Demo version Preston,second sailor is Choy with the clothes described)You can also see him on the second boat with same outfits.You can also see him on Necropolis carrying Pistol(Unfinished game but on fully finished game, he does not carry a pistol)trying to get ashore but unable to do so. He again can be seen on chapter V-Rex being eaten by V-Rex but strangely Hayes calls out Lumpy which was mistaken for the model, He is the fourth sailor crossing the bridge. Strangely he is seen again and can be seen on Kong Struck Down but could be another sailor mistaken.
Choy (Xbox 360 version)

Choy on the bridge (Xbox 360 version)


Choy with the rest sailors.

Moments before death choy

"RUN JIMMY!RUN!" Moment before death.