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BIO: On the legendary Skull Island their was but one creture that can humble even the deadly Venatosaurs in their way of hunting. and that was the Death Runners given their name due to the fact that the natives their say that they are death incarnate that runs on 2 legs. These large, hell spawned creatures were superb predators that could prey on animals 10 to 20 times their own size even bold enough to take down a family of V Rexes (If their Queen wishes this). Highly intelligent and social they lived in huge groups lead by their monsterous Queen. These creature and their Queen were the ones responseble for the death of a mass majority of the speices of Megaprimatus Kong that dwelled on the island.
The DEATHRUNNERS are among the many dinosaur species found on Skull Island.  A species of giant dromaeosaurid found only in the Southern regions of the islands, the Deathrunners were once the rulers of Skull Island in the Cretaceous period.  For millions of years, they terrorized the island with an iron fist, challenged only by the V rex and Skullcrawlers.  Then, in the Pleistocene epoch, the ancestors of Kong’s species appeared on the island, and they overthrew the giant raptors, becoming the new kings of the island.

Deathrunners are frighteningly large, fast, and intelligent.  They will attack nearly anything that moves, even each other if given the chance.  They will also kill for pleasure, hinting a sadistic nature.  They are often referred to as the Slaves of Chaos because of their twisted behavior.

The Deathrunner hives are often ruled by a huge breeding queen the Iwi have called Gaw, which is their language for “tyrant”, which contrasts to Kong, or “king”.  And ruling along side Gaw is an alpha male the natives have named Chondar.  They are much bigger than their kin, and far more deadly.  Chondar and Gaw are also the only breeding pair in the pack.  The smaller Deathrunners tend to their every need; all the two alphas need to do is mate and lay eggs.  It was Gaw and Chondar who killed Kong's parents all those years ago, and if they ever reached civilized areas, the hunting game shall begin.