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The Decarnocimex is a large, carnivorous, flightless ensiferan from the chasms of Skull Island. These and other meat-harvesting opportunists at the base of the pits ply their macabre trade, carving up the corpses of the pits’ victims. It measures 5-10 feet long.


Decarnocimex are flesh-eating, oversized ensiferans, related to crickets, with bladed forelegs for tearing apart carcasses of any other creature, such as a tree-tops.

Aggressive hunters as well as scavengers, Decarnocimex will attack smaller animals unfortunate enough to fall into their hellish domain, carving them up with their claws and razor-sharp mandibles.

Role in the film

Decarnocimex are first seen when the crew wake up at the bottom of the Insect Chasm. They crawl out of the holes in the wall until Jack Driscoll throws a flare and lights up the chasm, driving them away. Soon after the flare goes out, they return with several Weta Rex and attack the crew. They mainly attack Carl Denham but he fights them back with an empty rifle, killing many. The last Decarnocimex remaining along with Weta Rex, are seen fighting in the background when Jimmy shoots Weta Rex off Jack, but is finally killed by Carl. Some Decarnocimex can be seen climbing down the walls when the Arachno-Claw and Abyscidis surround the remaining crew, but they are killed when Eaglehorn and Bruce Baxter shot and killed every bug in the chasm.


Model Display for Skull Island: Reign of Kong.



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