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Diablosaurus rufus
Abilities and Weapons:
Strength, Feet, Speed, Stamina, Senses, Head Butt, Horns
Horned Sauropod
Skull Island
First Appearance:
Book"The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island" (from 2005)
Became extinct when Skull Island sunk into the ocean

Diablosaurus rufus ("red devil lizard") is 20-25 feet long species of sauropod dinosaur that is found on Skull Island. The animal is described in the book "The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island" (from 2005).


The Diablosaurus is a strange, viviparous, medium-sized, short-necked, rhino-like titanosaur from the jungles and wetlands of Skull Island. With their crusty, armored backs and thick hides (often cleaned of parasites by riding Skull Island egrets), the imposing Diablosaurus have few enemies.

Their size and indifference to attack, thanks to their armor, assures them of safety once fully-grown. Only the young are vulnerable to predation by midsized to large predators (like Venatosaurus and Carvers) and, for this reason, they are closely guarded by the adults.

Young are born live and grow in the protection of their familial group until old enough to strike out on their own in search of a mate. Being seldom molested by predators, Diablosaurus usually associate in only small numbers, either immediate family units or mated pairs. Solitary individuals, particularly males, are not uncommon.

Male Diablosaurus have some of the largest horns, though they are present in females as well. The exact configuration of horns and osteoderms seems to vary widely between individuals and may serve some rudimentary identification process. Both males and females have garish, ruddy heads. Conspicuous amid the dark foliage, they assist individuals in finding one another in the lowlight of the deep jungle. The markings also aid in intimidating would-be predators.


Diablosaurus have poor vision, primarily relying on smell to find food. Their mammal-like, mobile lips and flat, grinding teeth are adapted to shred and crush the tough ferns that cover the jungle floor. They also use their great strength to strip particular vine species that they favor, tearing the creepers free with mighty tugs of their great heads.

In overall body shape Diablosaurus resemble ceratopsian dinosaurs like Chalyceratops, but instead of being part, or even close relatives, of Skull Island’s several ceratopsian species, Diablosaurus represent an unconventional offshoot of the sauropod lineage. With truncated necks and stubby tails, they have evolved new armor plating and a stocky physique instead of the elongated necks and tails that are the line’s most famous features.

Skeletal Adaptations[]

Diablosaurus are studded with horns and osteoderms, an effective armor against the teeth and claws of Skull Island’s predators. Despite their size, they are surefooted, walking on the tips of their dainty-looking but sturdy toes, nimbly picking their way through the thick underbrush and uneven ground of the forest floor.