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Dimetrodon was an anicent reptile from the Permian Period, and one was seen in the 2013 Kenny and the Lost World (released in March 2013). It was the largest land-animal of it's time: 15 feet long, 5 feet tall and weight 12-300 kilograms.


  • One was seen with the other creatures and they start to chase Kenny and the sailors to the log bridge, as they get to the log bridge, Hayes crosses to land, but suddenly, Kong and his albino son appear and seize Hayes, then Kong snatches, crushes Hayes as he is aiming the handgun against the gorilla's eye, and Kong throws him against the rock wall, then Choy is killed by falling to his death, then Kong shakes them into the chasm as Little Kong gets boulders and avoids the Foetodon as a V-Rex grabs the female, and the male that scavenged on the carcass retreats.

Dimetrodon briefly appeared in the movie Kong: Return to the Jungle.


  • The Dimetrodon was found in North America and Europe.
  • Dimetrodon had a sail, because it is not a dinosaur, it was sometype of a pelycosaur.
  • Dimetrodon lived during the Permian Period.
  • Dimetrodon preyed on amphibians, fish, lizards, insects, and scavenged on carrion (dead animals).
  • Dimetrodons have a blue monitor lizard-like body, andn its' sail had blue and red stripes.
  • The Dimetrodon in the original King Kong was a Two-Leged Lizard.
  • More of these species appeared in the game, serving as enemies.
  • It was possible that the Dimetrodon's feet got squished by Little Kong's boulder throwing.
  • The Malevolusaurus descended from the Dimetrodon.