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The Dinocanisaurus, is a large, sociable, pack-hunting non-mammalian cynodont from the jungles of Skull Island. It measures 3-4 feet long.


Armored cynodonts, Dinocanisaurus live in tight packs of up to a dozen adults and as many pups. The aggressive little predators are highly social, depending upon one another for defense of the den, their territorial boundaries, and coordinated hunting. Pack life is dictated by a strict hierarchy, with a matriarch in charge and all other pack members having clearly defined roles. Young hatch in heavily guarded, shallow dens, scraped out beneath trees or in cracks in the rocky forest floor. In good hunting years, several females might hatch pups and raise them together, but in lean seasons the matriarch will destroy the eggs or hatchlings of lower-ranking females to reduce competition with her own young.

Dauntless little hunters, they prowl the jungle floor and as high into the trees as they can climb, taking small and large prey, like Hylaeornis, as a team - as well as sometimes stealing eggs from such other animals such as Noctupervagus. Dinocanisaurus communicate with whistles and snorts through their nostrils, coordinating their actions to outflank and corner prey. Though complex, their pack behavior is not as sophisticated as that of the bigger Venatosaurus, which will prey upon them, given the chance.