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Unidentified Director's Yacht and it's crew, The Expedition Vessel and it's crew


Dwan was the "Ann Darrow" of the 1976 remake film, King Kong.


Her origins prior to the film were unknown, except that her parents named her Dwan to give her uniqueness, as most girls named after sunrise are often named Dawn. She had been an aspiring actress who was invited onto the yacht of a Hollywood director, who had been sailing the Indian Ocean in search of a filming location and hosted a party onboard. For unexplained reasons the yacht exploded and sunk, killing everyone on board save for Dwan, who got to a life raft. She drifted until she was rescued by the merchant vessel Petrox Explorer, eventually making its way to Skull Island.

On land, she was abducted by natives who sought to make her a sacrifice to their feared deity, King Kong, due to her "golden hair". When captured, she was resentful towards Kong and eagerly tried escaping him at every opportunity. However, when he saved her from a serpent she acknowledged that he was a noble and protective creature and when he was captured, she was shown to still care about his well-being. When he climbed the World Trade Center and was surrounded by helicopters, she was willing to be a hostage for his safety, and begged him not to put her down as if he did they'd shoot. As they shot, she waved and begged them to spare him. When this failed she looked away with her hands on her ears and hid around a corner, since she couldn't bear seeing Kong dying. But as he spent his final moments bleeding to death, she comforted him.

Personality and traits[]

Dwan is something of a ditz compared to Ann. She is outspoken, naive, talkative and excitable, as well as melodramatic. She was terrified of King Kong, but despite this she didn't have any ill will against him and would even take (futile) action to prevent him from getting harmed.