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The Skull Island Gaur is a subspecies of gaur from the jungles of Skull Island.


A most curious member of the Skull Island menagerie, and a regular on the menu for Venatosaurus, is a subspecies of a tall bovine called the gaur. Quite obviously a relatively recent arrival, the Skull Island gaur is almost identical to the mainland Asiatic subspecies, suggesting that its ancestors may have been imported to the island some time in the last thousand years or so by a previous human civilization originating on the continent. The logical assumption would be that this same civilization built the great wall and the many ruins scattered through the forest of Skull Island.

The gaurs survive surprisingly well on the island long after their human handlers were lost to history and in spite of predation. Their long curving horns and mass make them worthy adversaries for predatory species like Venatosaurus, and their dark brown coloring helps them blend in with their jungle surroundings.