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The Gladiodon (Gladiodon igneospinus, meaning "fire-spine sword-tooth"), is a bizarre, colorful gorgonopsid from the uplands of Skull Island. It measures 8-18 feet long.


The resplendent and predatory Gladiodon (with its fiery stripes, featherlike dorsal growths, and long saber teeth) is a dandy gorgonopsid. It preys on herbivores, including Bifurcatops and chaly-topses, but specializes in taking other predators, like Malevolusaurus. A Gladiodon pounces on prey, inflicting fatal wounds with its scimitar-like fangs. Releasing the victim, it will track the prey as it staggers away until overcome by blood loss.

The magnificent color scheme plays a part in the elaborate courting rituals of Gladiodon. In the breeding season, they gather in traditional sites to strut and pose, shaking their dazzling dorsal fans and yawning to show off their teeth. Males display to entice mates, while females wander among them, choosing those that most impress them.