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The term "megapedes" collectively refers to the giant centipedes of Skull Island -- some of the largest land invertebrates to have ever lived, second in length only to Arthropleura, a relative of both centipedes and millipedes, known to have reached lengths of 6-10 feet. While Arthropleura was a herbivore, the megapedes of Skull Island have a more varied diet, eating eggs, small mammals (such as rats), small reptiles (lizards are a favorite) and other invertebrates. They dwell among the leaf litter, in rotted logs, and up in the trees -- the actual vertical range depends on the size of the megapede.


Megapedes look like enormous centipedes, ranging in length from 20 inches to a maximum of 5 feet. Coloration is a mixture of various shades of brown. The Lowlands centipede is a carrion eater measuring 2 feet long

The four ground dwellers are as follows (in order of size):

  • Gyas Gyas "Mythological Hundred-Armed Giant" 20-30 inches long- An egg-eating centipede with scissor-like jaws
  • Megapede Humus "Earth Giant-Feet" 26-40 inches long- A centipede with large front legs for burrowing
  • Megapede Horridus "Bristling Giant-Feet" 3-4 feet long- Has long legs for grappling prey
  • Megapede Dereponecis "Creeping-Death Giant Feet" 3-5 feet long- A centipede with vicious mandibles

Centipedes also live in the upper forest canopy. Obviously, these invertebrates are smaller and lighter then their ground-dwelling cousins.

  • Idolon Illotus: "Dirty Apparition", 10-14 inches long - A long-legged canopy sprinter
  • Idolon Venefaucus: "Venomous-Maw Apparition", 20-24 inches long- An ambusher
  • Omnimatercimex Harpeforceps: "Scimitar-Tongs Mother-Of-All-Bugs", 30-35 inches long- A ferocious, dinosaur-eating centipede

Finally, one species of megapede is found far up in the mountains of the Uplands. It dwells in caves frequented by Terapusmordax, waiting for pups to fall out of the nest and quickly devouring them.

  • Megapede Impurus: "Unclean Giant-Feet", 3 feet long.