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Hayes is the eighth level of the King Kong game.


You will start with 5 pistol bullets and you will see spiders. The spiders are blocking a lever which Jack must get, and you must bait the spiders, alternatively Jack can if fast enoguh, run in and snatch the lever. Go down a hill to find two Venatosaurus and a Terapusmordax (the former looking like they're eating a dead member of their species). There will be a box full of 4 rounds of pistol ammo. Kill the dromaeosaurs and place the first lever. To get the other lever you must burn a set of bushes in a structure and grab the lever and plant it in the other post to open a door which leads to two boxes: One full of two rounds of pistol ammo, and the other full of one round of shotgun ammo. Go on to a cave with several megapedes. Follow the path until you reach another tunnel, then follow the tunnel and you will reunite with Hayes in the distance. Denham will wait while you go and get fire to burn bushes for him to escape, also with two Venatosaurus present you must get a thompson from him and kill them, but watch out, as a third one will flank you to kill Hayes. Kill the raptor and kill the other two on ground. Find a lever and place it in the post, then open the door and follow the path and you will hear a V-Rex will roar while chasing Preston's group (Jimmy, Lumpy, Baxter and possibly Choy). Hayes will yell for a response as they flee. Hayes and Denham will have a quick discussion about it before moving on.



  • It is possible to kill the two Venatosaurus before reaching Hayes by throwing spears at them until reaching Hayes to deal with the third one.
  • A glitch occurs sometime where the Megapede will stay in the cavern, giving the player an advantage.
  • If the two Venatosaurus leave the dead dinosaur they were eating, the watching Terapusmordax will swoop in and eat in their place, but if the raptors return and catch it they will kill it.
    • Sometimes a third Venatosaurus and a second Terapusmordax will arrive after the previous ones are killed.