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In The Mud is the twenty-sixth level of the King Kong game.


You start unarmed as you head down a drop to be confronted by a few Venatosaurus as you should grab some thompson ammo or sniper rifle ammo to kill them. Keep going until you find a bush is blocking the path and you must burn it. Work your way around a few moonspiders and get some fire to proceed as Englehorn will guide you onward. Cross a swamp and kill a swampcrawler as you go on to find a giant bat and a few other smaller bats and another crocodile, you will find a case with ammo for the sniper rifle. Kill the swampcrawlers and go on to end the level.



  • This level is one of two levels (the other being Swamps) where you can't trade weapons with Hayes.
  • After you reach the first swamp Hayes will turn back and if he has a weapon he will use it up and come back unarmed.
    • If Hayes turns back you can switch weapons with him but he will say "you want my gun it's loaded", then the rest of the level you can switch with Hayes whenever you want.
  • The level is one of two levels (the other being Swamps) where you ask jimmy if he's alright: he always responds with "Achoo", same in the level Swamps.
  • The main difference between this level and Swamps is that Ann replaces Carl as Jack, Hayes and Jimmy's present ally.