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In The Streets Of New York is a level in Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game Of The Movie.


Kong will start out chained on a stage for presentation. Eventually Kong breaks out of the theatre he is held in and tries to find Ann. The principal enemies in the level are police cars with machine guns which cause little damage to Kong. The other enemy is a truck with an anti-tank gun which is lethal (taking only 2 hits to kill Kong). The best way to defeat them is to grab a car and hurl it at the truck, destroying it. There will also be searchlights with soldiers on buildings attacking if they see Kong. Kong will then come to a bus parked in the middle of the road leading to the empire state building: he must move out of the way and break down a fence right after to proceed, where some more trucks are lying in wait. When Kong reaches the building, two trucks with a crowd behind them barricade the way and two more trucks from behind Kong will drive out of there hiding place to trap Kong with the intent on finishing him off until Ann arrives, then Kong must climb up the Empire State Building to complete the level.



  • The last appearance of the Thompson gun.
  • Similar to previous levels where you can use a dead-tree (and in Fight in the Lair with the slain Cave Serpents), Kong can use cars (whether it be a parked civilian/taxi, an attacking police-car, or even a destroyed truck) as clubs and throw them at other opponents.
    • If Kong tries to bring a car with him down the road to the Empire-State-Building to combat the trucks hiding in ambush, the car will automatically self-destruct.