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Run through a cave collect either a sniper rifle or shotgun, Jack, Hayes and Carl see Kong's lair in the vast distance. Run down into a valley and an onslaught of Venatosaurus and bats will attack you and Jimmy will call out. Grab more ammo and you will see Jimmy getting attacked by dromaeosaurs, kill them and Jimmy will hop onto a raft. Swim through a valley and you will see natives walk about and you will see a door, the natives will lock you in and open a separate door ahead of you to allow some Venatosauruses to kill you, fight off a dozen small ones then a big one will attack you, then run through and natives will chuck spears at you and they burn some bushes for you to run to the shore of a river. More natives will attack you, so grab a spear and burn the bridge down, then run through some bushes on a fallen tree. Be ready to run! Natives will burn the bushes right behind you, after you grab a Luger and deal with more Venatosauruses run onto Jimmy's raft just as some natives and raptors arrive and Jimmy will sadly explain the fate of the other sailors.





  • 7 Natives can be killed in this level: the first on where you will swim threw the small swamp and in front of you a native will run pass; aim your gun on that area, wait for the native to run pass if not move a little closer, if you see him shoot him. The second one is where you swim threw the next area at the left: another native will run to the cave. While your swimming to the next area don't look up, look down and don't let Hayes or Denham be first to swim or you'll scare him away, just look down then when you reach the area look at the left: the native runs to the cave but aim your gun fast in order for you to have points and kill him. The 3rd and 4th are when you continue walking to the area a spear will be thrown by the two natives running in the bushes: shoot them fast. To have points, last 3 natives are at the falling tree: shoot the 3 natives and they won't come out more.