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Kiko (Production Name), "Little Kong/Baby" (in film)
Strength, flexibility
Kong's albino son
Skull Island
First Appearance
Kong (father)
Unknown mother
3 meters/12 feet

Kiko is a large albino ape and the last known living member of the Kong's species. He resided and passed away on Skull Island, where he sacrificed himself in order for the new human visitors to escape. While the film "Son of Kong" never references the name "Kiko" (in the film the ape was referred to as "Little Kong" or "Baby") it was used in during the production of the film. the character was vocals by Murray Spivack.


Kiko is large, closing in at around 12 feet or 3 meters long, but is nothing compared to the size of his father. His actual appearance is very close to the look of Kong in the original 1933 film. Kiko is an albino ape, with a round snout and heavily matted fur. 

Personality and Behavior[]

Unlike King Kong, who was seen to be aggressive to any monsters seen before him, Kiko is a more mellow and easy-going ape. But if under certain circumstances he's been shown to be extremely aggressive towards his attackers. He is also rather curious and quite clumsy but is shown to be rather caring for his human companions. Also like most young apes he seems to have a habit on sucking on a injured part of his body(Ex: After Kiko drove off a giant Cave Bear he injured his finger and began sucking on it), although Kiko is not exactly a infant, he is rather young and displays childlike mannerisms and behavior.


Strength and Combat[]

Kiko has proven himself to be powerful for his somewhat small size compared to the other inhabitants of Skull Island. Even with his inexperience with hand-to-hand combat, he was able to take on multiple monsters that were larger in size than himself. Rather than dodging, he used his strength to overcome his opponents. As well as his strength, his use of objects around him is unique and worked well in the long run.    


Kiko understood that his company saved him from certain death via quicksand, and decide to do them a favor and protect them until they could escape safely off the island. Being an ape, he isn't too sharp, but still has enough intellegence to save others.


Kiko's endurance is impressively high, being able to withstand a Cave Bear and the Giant Lizard monster with a single bloodied finger to come out of both fights.

Speed and Agilty[]

His speed shown to be great to save the people from the Cave Bear in time and his agility shown to have great flexible arms to swing around for combat.


Kiko is shown to be a good climber, climbing up a mountain with ease.