King Kong Wiki

Blocking is the method by which Bureaucrats and Administrators may technically prevent users from editing on Bully Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption to the wiki, not to punish users.

Any user may request another user to be blocked for violating rules, by simply going to the King Kong Wiki Community Noticeboard, or by contacting a Bureaucrat or an Administrator and then reporting the rule violation. Blocked users can appeal the block by using their talk pages.

Blocking Policies

  • Good faith will be extended to most users on the assumption they may not be familiar with wiki etiquette in general, and first instances will most likely be revered with a warning. However, administrators are free to use their discretion on whether to block or not based on the virulence of the vandalism.
  • Block length should reflect the violation of rule. Blocks longer than one week should not be placed without prior discussion.
  • If a user or an IP has been blocked before for vandalism, and continues vandalism in further edits, then that user will be recognised as a vandal only user or IP, and will be blocked indefinitely.
  • The length of blocks is subject to discretion and the type of vandalism. Hate speech and advocation of illegal activities, for example, will result in longer blocks than the standard insertion of gibberish.

Block Lengths

  • First blocks are usually between a day and a week long.
  • Second blocks are usually between a week and 6 months long.
  • Third blocks are for good due to the three strikes and out rule.