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Kong (2023)
KONG poster.png
Directed by Colin Silber
Produced by Colin Silber and Christopher Silber
Written by Peter Jackson

Fran Walsh

Released 2023
Running time To Be Announced

Kong is an upcoming American action-thriller film based on King Kong (1933 film). It is a movie directed by Colin Silber of the YouTube channel, 928Studios Inc. Silber and his father, Christopher, are set to be releasing a movie using the first draft of the Peter Jackson film. The film has went through numerous delays, finally settling on a 2023 release date, just in time for the 90th anniversary of the original film.


Set in the 1930s, a greedy filmmaker and his crew, a washed up World War I veteran, and the daughter of an archeologist set off for a mysterious island, home to a giant mythological beast only known as Kong.


To Be Announced as Captain John Francis "Jack" Driscoll - A former pilot and captain of the United States Army. He is set to have the likeness of Bruce Campbell,

To Be Announced as Annabelle Marie "Ann" Darrow - The daughter of famed archeologist, Lord Linwood Darrow. She is set to have the likeness of Kate Winslet.

To Be Announced as Carl Denham - A famous filmmaker from New York City. He is set to have the likeness of Robert DeNiro.

To Be Announced as Kong - The mythological 25 foot giant African Mountain Gorilla.

To Be Announced as Johnathan Peek - A sailor who is cowardly and independent. He is set to have the likeness of John Cho.

To Be Announced as Alistar Kurt - The comedic sailor of the S.S Venture. He is set to have the likeness of Karl Urban.

To Be Announced as Herbert "Herb" Cooper - The cameraman of Carl Denham's crew. He is set to have the likeness of John C. Reilly.

To Be Announced as Lord Linwood Darrow - A famed British archeologist who wants the best for his daughter. He is set to have the likeness of Timothy Dalton.


The film was officially announced on the 928Studios Inc. YouTube account on April 30th, 2021, and the poster and release date were officially revealed on the King Kong Reddit on August 5th of the same year.


The film is set to be released onto YouTube in 2023.


To Be Announced.