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Kong (Monsterverse)
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Skull Island, Hollow Earth



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104/31 meters/feet (1973) 337/102 meters/feet (2024)


The Royal Axe





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Kong is a giant ape Titan created by Legendary Pictures that first appeared in 2017 film, Kong: Skull Island. the character was played by Terry Notary and Toby Kebell and vocals by Frank Welker in Skull Island, Eric Petey and Robin Downes in Godzilla Vs. Kong.

Monsterverse Kong[]


Kong is the last known living member of the superspecies Titanus Kong, after his family died against the Skullcrawlers. He is the benevolent ruler of Skull Island who keeps the various mega-fauna and Titans in check and keeps the Iwi inhabitants safe.


Kong came from a long line of Titanus Kong species. His birth was and possibly still is a painful memory, as he saw his mother and father get killed before his eyes. The pain he felt that day turned to rage that made a calculated fighter hellbent on wiping out the Skullcrawlers from both Skull Island within certain areas of the Hollow Earth.


With a birth marked by pain, Kong was introduced to the harsh truth that life is a battle to the death. Either kill or be killed. Watching his parents slaughtered at the hands of the Skullcrawlers awoke the flame of vengeance within him. Growing alone, he took to the native Iwi population and several creatures on the island, protecting them from vile creatures such as the Mother longlegs, the Mire squid and the Skullcrawlers.


In 1973, an expedition funded by MONARCH made its way to Skull Island accompanied by a military convoy led by Bill Randa and Lt.Col Packard under the guise of a mapping survey. Dropping seismic charges to "map" the surface of the Island, the humans drew the ire of the one the native Iwi refer to as Kong.

Kong immediately shot down a helicopter with a well aimed tree, then slapped another one out of the sky. The military convoy became aware of the building sized creature standing in front of them and encircled him, planning to go for the kill. Immediately shooting at the Titan, the army received an attack in kind as Kong easily slapped the helicopters out of the sky. After a short battle, Kong downed the entire squadron and made on his way, but not before drawing the hatred of Lt.Col Packard.

On his patrol, Kong demonstrated his role as a King, saving Sker Buffaloes while killing Skullcrawlers and maintaining order on the island. Soon enough he makes his way to finding Mason Weaver and James Conrad on a hilltop. He connected with them and understood that they meant him or the island no harm. Unfortunately for them, Packard had different ideas. Setting off Seismic Charges to draw Kong's attention, he immediately began prepparing to take down the primate king. Kong drew toward the remaining soldiers and used an intimidation display before attacking head on. Packard, who had prepared the battlefield as a trap for Kong, immediately set the lake on fire via napalm, trapping the Titan in a vortex of flame. Believing him defeated, the squadron breathed a sigh of relief, until Kong eemerged from the flame, more angered than hurt, and began crushing the troops below. However, the napalm soon filled his lungs with carbon dioxide, causing him to temporarily lose consciousness. While he was knocked out, the troops, encouraged by Hank Marlow turn on Packard, trying to get him to stop his war on Kong. However, the explosions, and Kong's defeat had brought the Skull Devil to life. A weakened Kong woke up and crushed Packard, but was immediately overpowered by the Skull Devil and knocked out.

As the Skull devil followed the humans in his hunger, Kong awakens in a few hours and launches an attacks against his opponent, giving time for the humans to make their getaway. Engaged in battle with an enemy responsible for killing many of his kind, Kong attacked the Skull Devil viciously, however it managed to throw him away and tangle him in chains. Downed, the humans provide a momentary respite for Kong by shooting at the Skull Devil, drawing him away, giving Kong time to break free from his chains. Noticing the rudder tied to a chain, Kong employs it against the Skull devil, yanking him away from the humans. He manages to take out the skull Devil, but causes Weaver to almost drown in the process. Kong rescues Weaver, attempting to ascertain her status, when the skull devil attacks again. Trying to save Weaver while still holding the Skull Devil back, Kong pulls out its innards, finally putting an end to his adversary. Setting Weaver safely down, he takes one final glance at the humans before leaving.

Later, as the humans are leaving Skull Island, Kong watches on from a distance, letting out a roar to warn unwelcome invaders, they would have to go through the King to get to the Island's secrets.


In 1995, a fresh crew from Monarch arrives to investigate the Island after having had no contact for decades. As they dropped into the Island, they are ambushed by the local superspecies such as Psychovultures. As some of the team dies from the onslaught, they retreat to a cave to survive. Cornered and seemingly with no options left, Kong comes to their rescue, dealing with the Death Jackals. He soon leaves as the Iwi make their way to the survivors to rescue them.

As the Monarch officials begin partaking in Iwi culture, Riccio starts to hallucinate. He dreams of the past, millions of years ago back to the Kong's lives before they nearly all died out in the war with Skullcrawlers. He dreams of the Iwi's arrival, and their meeting with the parents of the mighty Kong, the strongest Kong's left. As Riccio continues his dreams he discovers the birth of Kong, marked with rage and tears. Kong's tears; watching his world die as soon as he entered it, he is left alone. But then something warms his heart, warms his soul. Not love for his dead family, but anger. Rage. Vengeance. Kong's hatred makes him stronger, it imprints on him the desire to nurture and protect those who cannot protect themselves. It marks the start of his relationship with the Iwi. It makes him invincible.