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The Limusaur, Limusaurus corrodomolluscus (meaning Nibble-away-molluscs Slime-lizard), is a strange, flabby, saltwater-dwelling, salamander-like temnospondyl from the coastlines of Skull Island. It measures 2-3 feet long.


Clinging to the spray-lashed rocks with its broad, clawed feet was the peculiar, salamander-like Limusaur. Flabby amphibians, remarkably adapted to survive in the salty water, Limusaurs grazed the splash zone, scraping mussels and other shellfish from the rocks with their stone-hard teeth. The pudgy oddballs tore the entire shellfish loose from its anchorage in bunches and swallowed the shardy pulp, shell and all. Tough-walled guts protected them from the bite of the shells as they passed through.

Predators include Tartarusaurus.


  • In 2009, a herbivorous ceratosaur dinosaur was discovered and given the same genus name.