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The loggerhead turtle is a sea turtle found in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans and in the Mediterranean Sea, however, the skull island has a species of loggerhead turtle that is freshwater.


Loggerhead turtles on the skull island have adapted to live and reproduce in fresh water, this colonization of fresh water was very recent, most likely in the process that the island began to sink. This species feeds on aquatic moss and algae, its shell is hard enough that none of the creatures of the island's waterways can break it, but the turturcasis had a trick to kill the turtles, with its long neck and sinuous constitution It can sink its long, tubular head into openings in the head or extremities of the shell, literally devouring the turtle from the inside out, leaving behind an empty shell shell. In fact, thanks to the turtle, the population of turturcasis seems to have increased in the last centuries since before the arrival of the loggerhead turtles on the island, these predators fed on small turtles and some fish that they caught occasionally, but with their arrival the Population increased because they are large prey and reproduce very quickly. It didn't take long for the turtle to become the main diet of this cunning predator.


  • The loggerhead turtle is a true sea turtle.