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The Monstrutalpus is a large, green, herbivorous tapinocephalian from the jungles of Skull Island. It measures 12-15 feet long.


The broad-bodied Monstrutalpus is a ground forager of the deep jungle. Named for its excavating talents (the genus translation being "monster mole"), Monstrutalpus has strong forelimbs for digging out the tubers, roots and fungi upon which it lives. The beast's strong sense of smell leads to it the location of choice items buried several feet underground.

Flat, spatula-shaped teeth cut and slice through thick roots while, farther back in the mouth, broad, crushing molars, powered by huge jaw muscles, render even the toughest matter to pulp and mash.

In the breeding season, Monstrutalpus females exude a powerful musk that will draw males from far and wide. It is not uncommon for several males to follow a female around for days, trying to block one another's advances, while the female takes her pick of mates, usually more than one, from among the hopeful suitors.

Eggs are buried to develop on their own, the young emerging only after digging their way to the surface.