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The natives are the inhabitants of Skull Island. They live in villages outside of the 70 foot wall, and they worship Kong like a god. Whenever they come across a woman with "the golden hair" that arrives on the island, they sacrifice her to Kong. They have their own language in which they speak and do not seem to like outsiders coming into their village. They appeared as main antagonists of the game and then minor antagonists of the film.

They're also known as Skull Islanders.


They are largely portrayed as tribal with stone age technology and culture. Their skin is of a almost black compltexion and like real tribal-people their clothing largely consists of loincloths. Though most of their language seems made up, there are actually some words in malay such as "Tabe", ( greetings") and "mala" ( friend, woman).

Little is known about their diet or their place on the island's food-chain, but they could be omnivorous like normal humans, however it is not known if they farm or hunt.

In the movie they seem restricted to one side of the wall and also don't seem to be famliar with guns are fear them, as demonstrated when one was shot to death by Captain Englehorn while attempting to kill Carl Denham, while the rest fled into hiding and again displayed this fear when the Venture team arrived to rescue Ann Darrow. In the associated video-game they seem to have a much bigger geographical range as villages and other outposts of their making have been encountered by both the Venture-crew and Kong much farther away from the wall. While they still seem to view Kong as a deity, this doesn't stop them from attacking him, especially if he wanders through their territory. They also seem to have slightly domesticated Venatosaurus as they once tried unleashing a pack of the dromaeosaur on Jack Driscoll, Carl Denham and Ben Hayes in the hopes to kill them.