On Kong's Tracks is the seventh level of the King Kong game.


You will start unarmed as Denham will call you after hearing Ann scream. Follow the path, and you will see Kong in the distance scaring off some Venatosaurus. Kong will walk away and follow Denham to the end of the path. A giant bat will come to the cliff. It will fly around a little bit until it abducts Denham. It will carry Denham away. Chase the bat. There will be a barrier, smash it and proceed, and encounter several small Venatosaurus along the way. After you exit the tunnel kill some smaller bats and walk across some narrow bridges, but watch your step, then head through the tunnel and you will hear Denham on the nest. Take some spears and hit the bats coming at you. Then hit the suspending box and you will find a shotgun with two magazines. Work your way up to the nest and fight the giant bat. It is suggestable to use the shotgun ammo before you using the pistol at the top. Afterwards killing the mega-terapusmordax head back the way you came, eliminate more Venatosaurus and open the door to the left and proceed to end the level.


  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Spears/Bones


  • If Jack is in front of Denham the bat will still abduct Denham instead of Jack and it is impossible to kill the giant bat until you finally reach their domain.
  • Two Venatosaurus are seen running away from Kong, but later in the game as Kong, they will attack you.
    • Unlike when you kill a creature, the dead Venatosaurus Kong slain will not decay, but simply stay there forever.

Characters Edit

  • Jack
  • Carl
  • Ann(cameo)
  • Kong(cameo)
  • Captain Englehorn(mentioned)

Enemies Edit