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The Petrox Corporation was a fictional American oil company in the King Kong 1976 film remake.


Petrox was an American company which specialized in oil refinement and gas stations. Their advertising slogan was "the battles we fight to fill up your gas tank". During the 1970s the United States was hit hard by an embargo from oil exporters, which incentivized domestic oil production and exploration for new resources. Fred Wilson was an executive who convinced his superiors to deploy the Petrox Explorer to the Indian Ocean as he showed geospatial imagery of an island that was obscured by permanent cloud cover. Wilson claimed that infrared sensors showed an untapped oil deposit and that he would return with "the big one".

While on the island Wilson and the sailors encountered King Kong, whom they managed to capture. A geologist had also looked at the oil deposit, which was concluded to be of such low-grade it would take centuries to mature into the type of oil used in machinery, or as Wilson was told "you would be better off filling up your car with mule poop". Worried that he would be terminated for wasting company resources on a fruitless expedition, he convinced Petrox to put on a gimmicky "beauty and the beast" show with Dwan and a captured Kong in Shea Stadium. The show was gaudy in design, with neon lights and a gigantic gas station (reflecting its sponsorship by Petrox), with Kong imprisoned in a cage wearing a crown. When it appears that paparazzi are harassing Dwan, Kong breaks free from his cage, inciting a panic and rampaging throughout New York City.

It was unknown what happened to the Petrox Corporation after this, although the disastrous show which put people in danger arguably harmed their business reputation.