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Luger Pistol

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Semi-automatic pistol
Manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken, Imperial Arsenals of Erfurt and Spandau, Simson, Krieghoff, Mauser, Vickers Ltd, Waffenfabrik Bern
Effective firing range
50 m (9mm, 100 mm barrel; short barrel)
Magazine Capacity:
8-round detachable box magazine
Crew of the SS Venture

The Luger pistol is a gun used by Capt. Englehorn and other characters throughout the King Kong franchise. It was standard issue for the german navy and was adopted in 1904 and is referred to as the navy model P04 at the time of King Kong and could hold up to 8 rounds in one clip.

King Kong (2005)[]

Englehorn shoots the Skull Island native executor.

In the 2005 movie, just before the Skull Island native was about to brutally murder filmmaker Carl Denham, Englehorn killed him with his Luger, saving Carl's life. Capt. Englehorn's Luger was an "Artillery" Luger, which has a longer barrel than a standard Luger pistol.

In the game[]

The Pistol appears in the game adaption of the movie as a basic firearm. The pistol is in fact the very first gun that Jack acquires in the game just after Carl's expedition arrives on Skull Island. Jack obtains a pistol with 100 bullets after selecting Hayes, who throws him one saying: "9mm luger. Be careful, the trigger's sensitive". The pistol fires eight 9mm bullets at a time, as well as having an average range and a quick reload speed, making it good for beginners. The pistol is useful against pests and weaker predators, but the bullets are not entirely powerful, making kills on big predators time-consuming.

Manual description[]

  • Pistol: this is a classic firearm. Although not very powerful, the Pistol can repel an enemy, but killing anything with it will be difficult. The magazine contains five cartridges.


  • Though the Luger is shown in both the game and movie, the one in the game is more of a standard variant, where as the one carried by Englehorn in the movie is an Artillery variant. Which means the barrel is longer and has an iron sight on it.