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Rampage or Rampage: The Movie is a 2018 action-adventure-sci-fi monster movie based on the 1986 video game of the same name, the film was directed by Brad Peyton. the film produced by New Line Cinema, ASAP Entertainment, Seven Bucks Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.


an canister flies down into the sites including George, Lizzie in the swamp, Ralph smells. then George escapes runs out the zoo and captured by US Army. and inside military plane where George in it, then a signal comes on a Willis Tower, suddenly if George angrily brawls to fights off the soldiers and tried to kill Burke, refuses and slammed by a forklift and crashes down. then the three creatures, George and Ralph goes on run amok and a rampage to destroy the city, arrived by a military seeing in the river, Lizzie attacks the military with guns to killed, for destroy the soldiers. and the three climbs the antenna on top the Tower, George grabs Claire and eats the antidote on her pocket. and Lizzie collapsed the Willis Tower and crumbles on the ground. and George reunited Davis then Lizzie and Ralph inside an building ashes, and fights off Ralph and throwing and glides, then Lizzie chomps Ralph's head. Lizzie chasing Davis inside an damage building, and blowing her gills. Lizzie wakes up and smashes her tail hitting Davis, saved by George then pulls away and stabbed into the pole his chest, Davis runs through the Apache inside the turrets to target Lizzie and fires away the missiles, and chew the helicopter and explodes, Lizzie furiously run to eaten attempted by Davis and inside an building and stops, then rescued by George holds an pole and kills the eyeball and her body. then stops the army to saving the humans inside the debris.


  • Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson as Davis Okoye
  • Naomie Harris as Kate
  • Jason Liles as George the gorilla
  • P.J. Byrne as Nelson
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Harvey
  • Malin Akerman as Claire
  • Joe Manganiello as Burke
  • Demetrius Grosse as Col. Blake
  • Frank Welker and Edie Mirman as Ralph vocalizations, Lizzie vocalizations

Release date

the film is released during in April 13, 2018 from US.