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The Scimitodon (Scimitodon sagax) is an agile, arboreal anteosaur from the jungles of Skull Island. It measures 6-9 feet long.


An agile arboreal predator, the Scimitodon preys on birds and lizards, both on the ground and in the trees. Solitary hunters, except when mated, Scimitodon are surprisingly strong for their size and can take down even some of the large flightless birds that make the jungles their home like Hylaeornis.

Scimitodon are incredible leapers. They can cover as much as 20 feet with a single jump. Bounding from one branch to another, they can sometimes cover several miles without touching the ground. Scimitodon have long, curved claws but use them mostly for climbing, preferring to employ their dagger-like canine teeth when subduing prey. Usually a single bite is enough to impact a killing wound.

Females lay their eggs in clutches of two or three inside a hollow tree or in a cave beneath roots. Staying with the eggs, she incubates them and rears the young while the male hunts and returns with food for her and the young. Young are born with short fangs, able to chew the small morsels of meat their mother will slice off for them. Their full saber-like teeth do not grow until they are a year old. Once the young are around four months old, the father will abandon his mate to return to a solitary existence. The young remain with their mother, learning from her as she hunts, until the following breeding season when she will drive them away and seek out a new mate.