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Pump-action shotgun
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Effective firing range
22 yards (20 meters)
Magazine Capacity:
5-round tubular magazine
Crew of the SS Venture

The Shotgun is a weapon featured in the King Kong video game adaption of the 2005 King Kong film.

In the game[]

The Shotgun appears in the game using the Winchester Model 1897 appearance. It has the strongest firepower of any gun in the game, making it best at killing big predators (except the invincible V-Rexs) but is very slow at reloading and its firepower decreases with range, so using it up close is best.


The Shotgun is first capable of being used at the end of the first level and is then used to blast away giant crabs. Englehorn's seaplane drops a shotgun within the nest that the giant bat carried Carl Denham into. Another shotgun is found inside the waterlogged temple Jack and Carl go through to reunite with Ben Hayes.

Manual description[]

  • Shotgun: this weapon is extremely powerful at close range. Its power decreases with distance. The ring rate is relatively low. The magazine can contain five cartridges.


  • The shotgun is based on the Winchester 1897.
  • The shotgun is the only gun that didn't appear in the movie.