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Sirenjaws, also known as Gigantus Crocodiliad, are giant reptilian kaiju that first appeared in the MonsterVerse comic Skull Island: The Birth of Kong.



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The Sirenjaw is a massive crocodilian-like creature covered in plantlife with small orange eyes and large jaws filled with razor-sharp teeth. When submerged in water, the creature greatly resembles an island.


The roar of the Sirejaw is written as "Kuraahh" in the comic.

Personality [4]Edit[]

The Sirenjaw is an ambush predator that lies in wait for any potential prey to land on its island-like back.


The Sirenjaw is a colossal crocodilian predator indigenous to the lakes and tributaries of the southern jungle. Its hybrid physiology exhibits some of the most extreme examples of florafauna yet seen.
As it matures, the Sirenjaws goes through a pubescent stage in which a small nursery of deciduous trees grows across its rocky back, making it an integrated biological chapter of the jungle region in which it has thrived.
True to its name, the exotic plantlife and rock-like structures growing above the creature's submerged body prove too alluring to resist for the unsuspecting prey of the Siren.
Any living thing that strays upon this "shore" is fated to discover that some islands have teeth.

— Monarch Creature Profile

History [6]Edit[]

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong [7]Edit[]

Aaron Brooks and his group unintentionally set foot on a Sirenjaw mistaking it for an island. The beast attacked the group, but was scared off when it heard Kong's roar. The Sirenjaw is eventually killed by Kong, and its carcass attracted Psychovultures and Death Jackals to feast on it.

Abilities [8]Edit[]

Camouflage [9]Edit[]

The Sirenjaw's plant-like body allows it to blend in with its environment, allowing unsuspecting prey to head straight for their jaws.