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The Skull Crawler is a large bipedal reptilian creature that inhabits Skull island. The creature, only possess a pair of long front limbs with the hind limbs having long vanished from its serpentine body in favor of there more subterranean lifestyle. The tail which makes up the bulk of its body is long and tapper's to a fine point and can be used as a powerful whip like weapon in combat. The head however, is the true business end of this demonic reptile. Unlike the rest of its stark black body the head is bleached white resembling a skull(hence there name along with there subterranean nature). Due to the massive pits in there head, to a passerby they appear to lack eyes simply having gaping holes instead. In actuality however, they possess lizard like eyes placed almost comedically far back in the head almost on their neck. The jaws of this monstrous creature like the rest of its body are similarly terrifying. With hundreds of backwards facing fangs to ensure that whatever poor creature they have captured will be incapable of escaping, There final weapon is a long almost chameleon like forked tongues which allow them to grasp anything in there path.

The juvenile's of this species are visually distinguishable from their adult counterparts. There heads are smaller and more streamlined and there skin is a more brownish coloration as akin to the adults greenish black skin tone, They are also smaller only slightly larger than a Sker Buffalo. The adults by contrast are far superior in size only rivaled by kong as one of the largest creatures of skull island. There heads become more angular and larger. Their tails gain an almost blade like tip making them a powerful whip like weapon in combat.