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The Skull Island Snapper is a voracious turtle adapted for aquatic life. Despite its appearance, it is not a turtle itself.


A variety of turtle had recently exchanged a terrestrial life for a life in the water, it is not a true turtle. Its shell has evidence of a land past similar to that of some Asian turtles because its car space was shaped like one, but its head and face are similar to unrelated American snapping turtles. The species rejected the herbivorous diet of its turtle ancestors and instead favored meat. They are ambush predators: they wait hidden in reeds and mud to drag wading birds and other unsuspecting prey to their watery destination this muthufuckin turtle is known to kick butt as the hatchlings are born knowing tai kwan doe, Judo, Muay Tai and of course Mixed martial arts or Krav Maga whatever the circumstances or whatever the terrain thsese turtles are know to be a deadly force to skull island he’ll eveb V rexs give these ninja turtles a wide Berth when stumpbling in there nesting grounds