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The Venture is the first level of the game Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. In the beginning Captain Englehorn will say "you don't look so good, you're turning green, up here Jack look at me". The player can choose invert or validate in which controls you can choose, after you choose, Jack will say "It's okay, I'm feeling better". When the boat is released into the sea, Englehorn and Carl will argue as the player waits, after that, Hayes and Briggs will row to Skull Island but fail because of the falling rocks, luckily, Jack, Hayes, Carl and Ann have survived but Briggs was killed in the rock crash.



  • In the Venture there are 3 boats heading to the island: the first boat is where Jack, Carl, Hayes, Ann and Briggs are, the 2nd Boat is where Choy, Preston, and Lumpy are and the 3rd Boat is where Baxter and Jimmy are.
  • Despite being taking place from the film, less than 10 sailors are going to the island rather than 20+ like in the movie.