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Tim was a supporting character in the 1933 film.


Tim is a sailor serving aboard the SS Venture. He is first properly glimpsed when the crew goes ashore on Skull Island the first time. He is one of two men tasked with carrying Carl Denham's gas bombs. When the group is noticed by the natives, Tim panics and kinda yells "Let's beat it!" before trying to run away. Jack Driscoll grabs his arm, jerking him back, scolding him, hey "What're you runnin' for?" He returns to the ship with everyone else after the the meeting with the Native Chief.

After Ann Darrow is abducted and given to King Kong as a sacrifice, Tim is one of the men who accompanies Denham and Driscoll on the rescue mission. He is the last man through the gate and consistently brings up the rear during the trek through the jungle. After a Brontosaurus overturns the group's raft, Tim loses his rifle in the water along with everyone else. He rescues Jimmy from drowning by helping him take off the backpack containing the heavy gas bombs.

When the group makes it to something resembling dry land, struggling through ankle-deep swampy muck with the Brontosaurus still in hot pursuit, Tim once again lags dangerously behind, constantly falling down. He is the final man to make it out of the swamp, and, with the Brontosaurus hot on his heels, makes the disastrous decision to climb a tree in search of safety. This puts him as convenient biting height, and although he screams for help, his cries are ignored by his shipmates still running for their lives. The Brontosaurus then grabs Tim as he lets out three final ignored screams. Tim also says oh in a tone like oh no after he is bit to death.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • As with all the male screams in the film, Tim's were voiced by Murray Spivak.
  • Tim's name isn't mentioned in dialogue and comes from the script, where he is identified as "Tim, the sailor to be used in the tree."