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Udusaur (Udusaurus turpis, meaning Ugly Wet-lizard), otherwise known as Swampcrawler, measures 4-6 feet in length.


An aquatic reptile from the same family as the sinuous Turturcassis, the Udusaurus is a compact, bullet-headed carnivore that hunts the rivers of Skull Island in packs of half a dozen. Air breathers, Udusauruses could dive for up to three minutes, herding schools of their preferred prey - small fish - into cul-de-sacs or close to the surface where they could be cornered. Individuals took turns surging into the cluster to grab mouthfuls of fish.

In The Game[]

Udusaurs appear in the game in levels with water streams and swampy areas such as Necropolis, Swamps, and. In Swamps you have to cover Hayes, Carl and Jimmy from being attacked by them. There are baby Udusaurs in the game which can be used as bait.

Multiple shots are required to kill the creature making it difficult to preserve ammunition however, a well placed shot to the head with a sniper rifle is enough to instantly kill them.

Udusaur shot in Jack's sights.

Udusaur about to be shot in Jack's sights.


Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie