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Real Name


Unknown(some survived and some died)

Age Some Old, Some Middle Age and Some Young

These Individuals were sailors who worked on the SS Venture.

They are equipped with both Mauser Gewehr 98s(Sniper Rifle) and Thompson M1928s.


These sailors were along with the crewman hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually headed to Skull Island). These sailors weren't seen much, but hardly seen during the journey to Skull Island, and dance. When Ann Darrow was kidnapped, Captain Englehorn, Ben Hayes, Jimmy, Jack Driscoll, Carl Denham, Lumpy, Herb, Choy, Preston, Bruce Baxter and some of the sailors went to go rescue Ann. Some of the sailors went with Jack, Jimmy(who sneak in), Lumpy, Choy, Denham, Herb, Preston, Hayes, and Bruce to go rescue Ann. While others stay at base camp with Englehorn to await their return and the rest stay with the ship. When Denham decided to captured Kong, some of the sailors came off the boat to go help captured Kong while some stay on the ship. Some were stationed on a hut holding different guns, a few were stationed on the wall too. One was seen with Venture Crewman 21 and Venture Crewman 23 holding a thompson and wearing a hat. Three were seen walking up and getting ready to captured Kong. When Kong broke through the gate, the sailors threw ropes and anchors on Kong, Venture Crewman 24 was with eight or nine of them as they threw their ropes on him and started putting him down. Five were seen on a wall pushing a net with borders on it and dropped it on Kong, then they successfully pulled Kong down. However Kong broke free and threw some of the sailors, then threw four or five of them to the hut where some of them were stationed. Englehorn shouted:"All of you, run". Kong then charged at the hut, where some of the sailors were stationed, one of the sailors ran from the hut to joined the others as Kong tackled it and knock down the hut. The Crewman on the wall fired at Kong, but he grab one of the ropes and pulled it from the wall causing two of the sailors from the wall to fall. The fate of these crewman remained unknown, although some of them survived, but some possibility didn't.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • Some of these Crewman were only seen in Kong's captured were played by the same actors who played the Crewman.
  • When the sailors successfully pulled Kong down, 2 sailors who look like Venture Crewman 1 and Venture Crewman 2 are seen, its possible they survived the log shake scene or they were both played by the same actors: Jed Brophy and Steve Reinsfield.
  • There are a total of 40 unnamed sailors