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Utam (Peking Man)
Brute strength, Intelligence,
Destroying the city, protecting Samantha
First Appearance
The Mighty Peking Man

Utam was an fictional gigantic cryptid humanoid monster ape was in Himalayas.

Physical appearance[]

Utam's resemblance of modelling after Murase's face, and light brown skin, jagged teeth and brown fur and height about 70 feet tall or 21 meters long.


Utam's enemy is the capitalist businessman named, Lu Tien. also the British Hong Kong army.


Utam was frozen alive, by a natives fights the monster and destroys the village. Utam escapes the jungles and captured by Lu Tien uses tow him as an exhibit by the public, Utam went raining while sitting the ship and hits an rock, Samantha chains removed and push right onto the rock. then by inside an stadium, Utam having chains through pulled by dump trucks and wheel loader bulldozers as an tug by the audiences. Utam breaks the cage, smashing the hotel and stepping the cars also destroying the road bridge, Utam grabs Lu Tien and killed by Utam's feet. Utam climbs an Jardine House under top of the roof, then the soldiers calm down. Helicopters shooting at Utam, punches an helicopter lands drop by a truck straight explodes the gas stations. Utam shot by a gunmen, killed and crush by his palm and thrown down. Utam holding Samantha inside the explosion, then blown both him and Samantha, later Utam dragged his backside on fire, and falls down the roof and hitting an General Post Office building and blown to death.