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Real Name Mario Wong
Status Alive
Age 32
Height 1,69 m
Sailor 12,1.png

This individual is one of the three Asian sailors on the SS Venture

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This man, Venture Crewman 16 was part of the expedition hired by Carl Denham to go to Singapore(not knowing they were actually going to Skull Island). He is first seen preparing to leave New York and putting up the rope as the ship begins to leave. Also he is seen numerous times like watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy danced, near Venture Crewman 4 when he was measuring the fathoms and when the ship crashed. He along with the rest of the crew helped try to removed things to keep the ship from sinking before Ann Darrow's kidnapping. He was later among the group of the crew to search for Ann. When the crew encounter the Ferrucutus Cerastes, he got hit by its tail, but survived. He was last seen during the Brontosaurus Stampede, He left along with Bruce Baxter and a few other sailors, but his fate is unknown.

Behind the scenes

  • The sailor was portrayed by Tim Wong in Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong, who worked as stuntman for Lobo Chan in the film. Wong had worked with Jackson ever since The Lord of the Rings film trilogy
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  • He's the first sailor whose fate is unknown, as he wasn't seen after the Brontosaurus Stampede, Lumpy confirm that four died in the stampede(Herb, Venture Crewman 11, Venture Crewman 8, Venture Crewman 10, and possibility Venture Crewmember 9(depending if his death in the deleted scene is canon or not.)) He possibility retreated back to base camp along with Bruce Baxter and a few sailors as he wasn't seen after this.
  • The lasts scenes of Venture Crewman (12) were when they reached the cliff side were some brontosaurus fell to their death, but you could see a glimpse of him running. When the brontosauruses fell and Jimmy was about to get crushed, Ben Hayes saves him, and he is seen running from the brontosauruses. The very last scene of Venture crewman 12 was when he were climbing the hill where Herb was about to get eaten.
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