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Real name Brian
Status Deceased (Clubbed to death by native)
Age Unknown

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This individual was a sailor who worked on the SS Venture.


The sailor was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (never telling him and the other crew that he was actually going to Skull Island). In one scene, Lumpy accidently puts porridge in his face intead of cream while shaving.

When the ship arrived, the sailor (unlike the other crew) trusted Denham and went to explore the Island. When the party was attacked by the Skull Islanders, the sailor was clubbed to death by the natives. The sailor had sacrificed himself to save his friends. He was later avenged by Captain Englehorn who shot and killed the Native who killed him before he could crush Denham's skull. He's the second crewmember to die on the expedition.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The sailor was portrayed by Matthew Chamberlain in Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong.
  • On the website Hotflick, the sailor's appearance when he was moments before being killed, the actor was confused to be William Wallace.
  • Matthew Chamberlain had also worked with Todd Rippon, Ray Woolf, Crawford Thomson, Chris Bailey, and Stephen Hall in Hercules and Xenia as different characters.
  • Many people thought this sailors death was disturbing and his death is the only death too scary for children.
  • He appeared to trust Lumpy as well because he let Lumpy try and put shaving cream on him.