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Insect Chasm, Skull Island

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Thompson M1928

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Crewmember of the SS Venture


This individual, only known as the second Venture Crewman, was part of the crew of the SS Venture on the expedition to Skull Island, who appeared in the 2005 remake of King Kong. He is part of the search party that searches for Ann Darrow, who was taken away by Kong in the jungles of Skull Island.

He survives almost the entire expedition, but ultimately meets his demise, when the search party attempted to cross the log to Kong's lair, ultimately angering Kong, causing him to shake the log, making the crewman fall off the log to his death, falling to the Insect Chasm. He was the second to die when the log was shook.

He was portrayed by Steve Reinsfield.


The man was hired by Carl Denham to an expedition to Singapore (whom unbeknownst to him and the rest of the crew, were actually going to Skull Island). He along with the rest of the crew helped try to remove things to keep the ship from sinking before Ann Darrow's kidnapping. He was later was among the group of crewmen, part of the search crew to search for Ann, who survived almost the entire dangers and overall expedition of Skull Island.

When they encountered the Ferrucutus, he dodged all of the creature's charges and swings, before the beast died to machine guns by the crew. He, along with the rest of the crew, made it to a valley to take a break.

Later on, when the grounds starts to rumble, and rocks start falling, Bruce Baxter runs passed by him and the rest of the crew. He, along with the others, start running furthermore into the valley. It becomes apparent when he and the others are caught in a stampede of Brontosaurs, chased by a pack of Venatosauruses.

Running alongside the first Crewman of the Venture, he, and the second mentioned Crewman, are amongst the fastest of the crewmen to run upfront, where Ben HayesPreston and Jack Driscoll run further upfront. He climbed up a rocky hill, further up, were behind them all of the Brontosaurs tumbled down, and soon ended up in a large swamp, to which the crew build rafts and try to make it across said swamp before being ambushed by the Piranhadon.

He survived the swamp attack, but ultimately meets his demise, when the Log Attack came when King Kong grabbed a log they were walking across. He was the second person to be killed, after the first Venture Crewman, by falling off the log to his death in the chasm below.

His body was seen later in the Insect Chasm, where his body laid on the "shore," of a large muck pit, where a number of Carnictises fed on his body.


The man wore beige-like dark green clothing, wearing a cap, a pair of overalls, a tank top, and has several tattoos around his arms. He had a Thompson M1928 for protection, and often carried a boxy messenger bag.



  • This crewman was portrayed by Steve Reinsfield. Steve also work with Peter Jackson on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy
  • During Kong's captured, when the sailors are pulling Kong Down, he can be seen along with Venture Crewman 1 pulling Kong down too. It's possible they either survived the fall or both were played by the same actor: Jed Brophy and Steve Reinsfield.


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