Real name Gordon (?)
Status Alive, managed to escape Skull Island
Age 33
Sailor 21.png
Crewman 20.
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This individual was part of the crew of the SS Venture on the expedition to Skull Island.

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This man served as the ship's engineer and stoker and one of the men hired by Carl Denham to go on an Expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually going to Skull Island). The Stoker was always seen putting coal in the ship's engine to keep it running. He is among the Sailors watching Denham as he films one of Ann's scenes. He was seen along with the crew watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy dancing, which they enjoyed. The engineer can also seen along with the crewman and Captain Englehorn to remain at base camp in the Native Village to await the Rescue Party's return with Ann, while the rest of the crew remained with the ship. The Stoker can be seen along with the crew preparing to captured Kong. However Kong broke free and chase the crew back to the life boats, he was seen holding a Thompson while Venture Crewman 18 the Helsmann, Bruce Baxter, Preston, Venture Crewman 25, Venture Crewman 27, Ann, and Captain Englehorn got in the same lifeboat together. The Stoker watched as Kong goes to sleep after Denham threw a bottle of Choloform in his face. He was one of the last few survivors along with Captain Englehorn that lived to tell the tale.

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Behind The Scenes

Venture Crewman 20 is played by Troy O'Kane.


King Kong (2005 film)

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