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Real name William
Status Unknown (Either dead or injured)
Age Unknown
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This is individual is part of the SS Venture on an expedition to Skull Island.


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Venture crewman 24.png

This sailor was part of the crewman hired by Carl Denham to go on expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually heading to Skull Island). He is seen along the crew watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy danced, much to their enjoyment. He is part of the crew to remained at base camp in the Native Village to await the rescue party's return with Ann while the rest of the crew return to the ship. He can sometimes be seen along with the sailors trying to captured Kong alive. He is seen in front of four sailors throwing their rope on Kong and started pulling and successfully putting him down. However, Kong broke free and chased after them to the lifeboats, he is seen getting the same boat with Venture Crewman 14 the Radio Operator, Venture Crewman 21, Venture Crewman 22, Venture Crewman 23, Jack Driscoll, Denham, and Jimmy. Jimmy started shooting at Kong, who became angry and grabbed the boat and threw it against the rock wall, probably causing the death of a few more sailors. When Kong threw the boat and when it hit impact it flung Venture Crewman 24 flying but not directly to the wall, Which probably he survived.

Behind the Scenes[]

This sailor was portrayed by Crawford Thomson


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