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Venture crewman 3 on the log seconds before Kong attacked.

Real name: Sergio

Status: Deceased (Thrown off log. Later, his body is thrown by the bugs in the Insect Pit)

Age: 34

Height: 1,8 m

This individual was a sailor who worked on the SS Venture

He is equipped with a Mauser Gewher98 (Sniper Rifle).


Venture crewman 3 running during the stampede.

This man was a sailor who worked on the SS Venture hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(not knowing they were actually headed to Skull Island). One of the known sailors seen a lot and watching Ann Darrow and Jimmy, much to their enjoyment.

When Ann was kidnapped, he took part of the rescue party to rescue Ann. He survived all the way the Ferrucutus Cerastes attack where the Ferructus hit him, but survived. He is also seen in the Brontosaurus Stampede, where he is nearly stomped on. He is also seen in the Piranhadon attack, where he is on the second boat, before the boat was destroyed by Carl. He is also seen in the Log scene. This crewman didn't slip off the log or let go when it was falling, he falls off when the log comes to a stop at the bottom of the ravine, but unlike the others who landed on a soft surface, he lands on a hard surface which kills him.

His body can be seen though, near the muck, where the corpses of Choy and Venture Crewman 2 lay, where his body was lying on his chest, and later tossed around by some Arachno-Claw in the spider pit sequence.

The crewman and Choy firing at Kong in the log scene.

Him near Venture Crewman 1(11)

This poor man was probably already dead at this time. Being tossed around by Arachno-Claw.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This sailor was portrayed by Will Wallace in Peter Jackson's 2005 version of King Kong.
  • If you look closely in the spider pit sequence his body is near the muck where the carnictises are but it shows his body being tossed around by Arachnoclaws so the arachnoclaws beat the carnictises to his body.


  • Venture crewman 3’s body near the muck, lying on his chest