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This individual is part of the SS Venture on an expedition to Skull Island.

He is equipped with a Mauser Gewehr 98(Sniper Rifle).


The man was hired by Carl Denham to go on an expedition to Singapore(never telling him or the rest of the crew that they were actually going to Skull Island). He was along with the crew in the Native Village when Carl Denham decided to captured Kong. He was seen with Venture Crewman 31, Venture Crewmember 29, Venture crewman 34, and Venture Crewman 24 as they threw they're rope on Kong. He was between Venture Crewmen 34 and 31. When a net dropped on Kong, he and his group successfully pulled Kong Down. However Kong broke free and started throwing some of the sailors. While the rest of the crew fled to the lifeboats, his fate like some of the sailors trying to captured Kong is unknown.